09 July 2009

Getting better


When I first got back to my hometown, there was no recorded cases of H1N1. But days later, the unthinkable happened. H1N1 is in Miri. Soon after a family of 5 got down with the flu. And it began to spread like wild fire. Maybe my flight was H1N1 infested (there were loads of people coughing like crazy)

And being in a cautious family, I was home quarantined for the past week (or more). It was to prevent INFECTION. Just in case I'm down with H1N1, I won't go around and spreading it to everyone, which I'm not sure whether I got it because I did not go and test. I just had home quarantine and treatment. I was also ISOLATED in my own home. To prevent intra-home infection so that my school going siblings, market going mum and my working dad don't get affected.

It was a struggle for a foodie like me... to lose the sense of olfaction, to actually taste GOOD food:( Everything tasted blander than plain water. Whenever my mum asked for my opinion for the taste I would say, "I can't smell"

It was a sad sad week. But with my nature of trying to get myself better ASAP spirit, I developed a skill, that is to enjoy food not with by smell but by sensation. Cool huh? I ate a lot of food despite having nose block the whole week. And my mum thought I was lying about being not able to smell. So sad...

Yay to getting better!! Lol~ I really thought that I might be down with Ah HeeNeee virus but I got through it. Really different cause I've not been down with flu for sooo long and wound up having all the symptoms pop up after my flight. Freaky! And the coughing... It was solely triggered by laughing. Serious. And I had wear a mask in my own home:(

Still having headache... and a little running nose but much better now.

Not going Cambodia for reasons that is really obvious. H1N1 though mild, it spreads really quickly. It can get to everyone but not everyone can make it alive. Depends whether one wants to take that risk. I'm just following dad's order cause I think he is more knowledgeable about this quadruple strain virus. 1 Bird 2 Pig and 1 Human. Plus if you read about the Spanish or Hong Kong flu, you'll understand more.

Just a simple stuff.. flu pandemics come in 2 waves. The mild one and then the lethal one... So be ready.


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