26 June 2009



Once again I am trapped in LCCT airport. Ah... when I stepped into the airport I can feel the H1N1 paranoia.. I could see people wearing face masks. It was quite an interesting sight to see. Well, it is a precautionary step, just to be on the safer side. I too wore a mask, that was conveniently available... as a dental student:)

Putting that aside, I am now here, with my plane recently (notified when I was at the counter) delayed for 1.5 hours. This meant that I skipped an hour of class quite for nothing.

Ahh... I remember the last time I was sitting at this airport, blogging. And then going up the plane and then an incident happened. That was just too memorable.. It's almost a year now but the images and sights and sounds are still vivid in my mind. What an experience. This time I'm a little prepared:) Anything can happen right?

Yea. And this brings me to the topic of... the death of the King of Pop. MJ. He was the man who sang for the children of the world. Was accused of child sexual molestation. Was famous for his musical hits like Beat it, Thriller, Billie Jean... and so much more. He was goiing to start his world tour. He was also famed for being the black one who turned white. He is one legendary artiste known for his dance moves especially the moonwalk. He was also known as the one who has a nose who has a life on its own (sometimes fat, sometimes skinny, sometimes gone). He was known for trying to live longer by using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. He was known to go to court in fancy outfits or PJs. He was known as Wacko Jacko. But through his 50 years of life, I don't think he lived a fulfilled life. Not even when he's earned so much. It's so sad he left his very young children behind. Life's unexpecting. Live life to your fullest. Be happy:)

Lame post. Let's hope I have a safe trip home:) Melaka post next.


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