10 May 2009

Penyakit babi


The swine flu Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak is getting worse, with more confirmed cases and deaths worldwide. As of now, the death toll is 53 and 4150 confirmed cases are reported. And it's from 29 countries. (**Just had an update from WHO. The number of confirmed cases is now up to 4379. More than 200 increase from the previous figure and it is not even 12 hours. WHO put this outbreak as a 5 of 6: Imminent pandemic. Get the global coverage on H1N1)

The outbreak has reached Asian shores:Japan. And also to where I maybe in 2 years time: Australia. Beware!!! Read more at The Star

And if the problem is not getting better. I will pull out from my Cambodia trip. I will write a letter to the Dean or something.

It's not a good thing to catch the virus from somewhere, especially from airplanes or Airports or a third world country with tourists from all over the world and then spread it on a plane or at your school or your friends or family.

Yea. Let's hope that H1N1 can just go away.

On another note

An outbreak! Meningitis. Many died and many are quarantined. It's in Melaka, where 434 people have already been quarantined. How did it happen? They said that one trainee from Kelantan carried the virus and went back to his training centre where he spread it to all his fellow trainers and trainees.

That boy died by the way. Read here here and here. (the latest news just came in, so 434 plus six is 440. What a sui number)

I don't want my brain to be destroyed:(


Exam's tomorrow.



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