23 May 2009

Live long and prosper


Medical Summatives ended yesterday but I didn't have the mood to celebrate. Didn't do well, but life goes on.

After getting back from IMU, I went to my laptop and started working on another blog. I'm in charge of Design & PR for my house, Pegasus. So once exam's over, it's work time. I'm more enthusiastic in doing this (compared to studying)as I did it till 3am without food. Then slept and woke at 6am to continue, then got dimsum breakfast with Amos Josh and Psan.

Then got back to continue and then go MidValley. Watched Star Trek.

Heard that the movie was good. Papers gave it high ratings (8 or 9 of 10).

So basically I expected it to be good. And the movie, just blew me away. Cause it exceeded my expectations. Story was good, acting was good, graphics was good. Good! I would recommend this movie. No spoilers here tho' cos you must enjoy the movie:) If you think Xmen origins is good, this is waaaaaaay better;)

But you'll be numbed at certain areas due to prolonged "buttock-chair contact". Do remember to move your toes and legs time to time to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

After movie, went back then continued work and finally is done!!! And that's just the blog part. I don't know how I'm going to do for the banner/logo part.

See the imupegasusblog. I've learnt some new things:) Not that great but quite impressive in one day.

Would like to rest and FB now. Tired.

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