01 May 2009

Labour day.


Yesterday... I had this hunger for icecream and wolverine... After drilling at the lab, I changed my skirt for jeans and took cab to Midvalley.

Reached at 5 something (movie starts at 5pm) I watched X-men Origins: Wolverine. Not bad except at some parts the graphics a bit weird.

Also, I had 5 scoops of New Zealand Natural icecream. Hahaha~ All for RM 8. Told ya I'm a cheapo... They had a promotion for people with certain birth years. Rum and raisins, macadamia, chocolate esctasy and fruits of the forest... These are the flavours that I'm comfortable with... yet to try other flavours...


Icecreammmmmm<3 (but too much can be fattening... eat in consideration ok?)

After that got back to attend cell group. Then after that, we went to the funfair... And I'll say.. not going to funfairs anymore... I don't like the flashing lights and earblasting 'music'. Makes me feel nauseous, luckily I don't have epilepsy... Funfair is not fun. The entire cell group were sickish.. especially Amos...


I'm done with my report!!! Yay! I don't know if I fulfiled all the learning objectives or not.. Will select pictures to print...


My 38 is erupting. (lower left wisdom tooth)

It bled the whole day yesterday and is very painful and inflammed. I think it caused my mild fever for the week. Yea.. fever and arm wrestling... lol~

My upper wisdom teeth all erupted without much pain. But this 38 bleeds while I was in the lab drilling, more when I brush.. I can even feel the gum covering the teeth moving. I think the tooth is growing at angle...

Please... don't let it be impacted.... I don't want surgery:(


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