30 May 2009

I want to graduate!


This was what I've been saying all day today when I was helping out in IMU. Just got back. Time = 1.23pm

I volunteered to help out in the IMU's convocation which was held for the very first time in IMU. Woke at 4 something this morning, bathed and made up and prepared to go to IMU.

Reached IMU before sunrise and signed in for work. Pinned a crosage on my shirt and we had breakfast provided in Cengkih Corner (staff lounge). But it's just nasi lemak, by Sheraton Subang. Many of the staff were there. Early on a Saturday morning.

Then, it was time for work. I was stationed at level 3 to direct the crowd to level 4 as the ceremony is held in the Auditorium. I stood near the library near the staircase to Chancellor Hall. Job description? Ushering. Standing on 4 inch heels and put on a permanent smile and greet. And show them the way. For one and a half hour. Then continue work when they finish. To direct them back again.

It's not bad, because I get to practise smiling:D

And, I get to see people dressed up like Harry Potter in a quidditch game. Robes.. haha... I saw many friends and families of the graduands coming, and it was such an honourable event in one's life.

What did I do in between? I went to the Oral Healthcare Centre booth and helped out folding the brochures and distributing. And chatted:) with Kak Kat and Stephanie.

I can't wait for mine. I want flowers. Lots of them. I want to carry lilies, roses, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, orchids... I want teddy bears too! It's just so great to see people graduating and tossing their hats in the air. I want pictures. I want to graduate.

It's just another year before we end phase one. And Prof Toh says that our robes will be lined with orange. For Dentistry!

Time flies. I wonder if I can wear that robe, get the scroll and toss the hat next year.



  1. i want a purple lined robe heheheheheh

  2. i wana graduate too!!! next year will come..haha..soon!!!

  3. haha... suanne, purple is for health sciences... colour coded.. hahaha..

    jl... lol... hopefully we all will pass our exams:)

  4. I will be graduating this July~ Hahaha... So happy~ Wearing robes... like harry potter *.*

  5. hahaha... must treat me eat... eh.. when u want go kai kai?