12 May 2009

Apple cake


Today, is one day after my dental practice exam. And I now know I'm very bad in it. Especially OBA. The answers are all (almost all) right but you have to think which one is THE BEST.

Make the right choice.

Should do better next time.. 11/20 for OBA. *sigh* Really disappointing when I thought I would do good. Really disappointed and upset during the feedback session.


Now I'm having apple cake:)

Low sugar vanilla cake batter with lightly caramelized granny smith apples. Baked in the oven and now enjoying it warm:) If only I had vanilla icecream, it would be yummy!


Later I'm going to school again. Bilirubin or something.


  1. paige, wa can i have cooking/baking class from u in the hols? hehe. so yeng. yup the paper was tough n tricky. but we learn :) now med summative. hang on yea

    haha i SO need inspiration!

  2. yea... let's do it together...

    my baking skills not that good yet...lol... need to learn more