19 April 2009

Third Year.. Blogging


Today is 19/04/09. I wrote in my previous blog that I would not blog anymore and that it was my final post. Well, I stopped, for more than 3.5 months.

Surprised that I returned? But I guess nobody would know that I'm back in the blogosphere..yet..

Actually, I have set up a blog for the MEDT109 orientation, yea, so I was technically blogging but not for me. And yea, response there was 'good'. Lol~ Don't have to explain.

Yup, this is a new blog which I intend to keep. I like the template I made:)

This time, I shall control my blogging. And use it in a wiser way.

So toodles... I shall blog about my dental life here soon on drilling and denture making!

See ya~


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