23 April 2009

Stupid moodswings


Won't be sleeping tonight. Need to do my PBL and refind my sources for report. Computer stopped again..

Just had buffet dinner with Chia Sin. Will elaborate on that another day. Now, time to do work. Stomach is too full to sleep.

Yea, I had a bad day today. Mixed feelings. And I blame... PMS!

This is the second time PMS affected my mood. I have never had PMSes before this, and I prayed to God that I wanted to experience the unexplainable PMS.

Finally, I got my prayers answered and I think I can explain PMS now.

PMS: it is an event that may occur during, before or after your menstruation period where your emotional threshold is lowered by a significant amount. However, if the stimulus does not exceed the threshold, there will be no PMSes. It can be aggravated by stress and lack of sleep. PMS is also something that can cause you to be irrational for a bit, and you don't want to listen to other people because you can't and just don't want to. After the PMS period, you will return to the normal state, and think that your actions during the PMS period is just plain rubbish. However, in some cases, some may experience PMSes for a long duration, some more frequent than others and some very rarely. Fortunately, PMSes can be reversed by doing somethings that keeps the mind off, or when the person is treated like a princess.

Now, I have to pray to God again to remove PMS from my life. Thankfully it only affected half of my day...

Sigh.. let's not talk about the stimulus. I'll get upset... Just keeping my mind off~


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