23 April 2009

Please... no more buffet



I really really really cannot stand buffets!

I'd rather have ala carte. Seriously. I don't think I'll go one anytime soon. This is 2 buffets in less than 24 hours. Can die.

Yesterday, I ate from 6 to 10 pm, 4 hours of food nonstop. Today, ate again... Really getting sick already. Felt like food is trying to escape my stomach.

I won't go Jogoya anytime soon. Bluek!

And coincedentally, the PBL I had this morning discussed about good dietary habits. And one of them is to not OVEREAT.


This will cause work overload to your digestive system. This stress can eventually lead to ORGAN FAILURE. So.. next time, eat just the right amount of food.

Will write a review on the buffet last night.

Toodles.. *bloated*


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