28 April 2009

It must be the bananas


Been eating a lot of bananas lately. And made some banana fritters yesterday due to sudden craving. I used pisang emas and dipped it in batter and fried it. Not bad considering it was my first attempt in making it!

*Info: This type of banana cannot be used to make banana milkshake. You must use cavendish bananas (or the big ang moh-ish bananas) to make it. Don't ask me why. It is what it is. You can experiment to make pisang emas milkshake tho...

And lol... I was announced winner of the arm wrestling competition for my category. Didn't expect that. Joined in just for fun, to raise funds for Gym Club... Ended up discovering weird talent. Maybe I can extract teeth effortlessly...? *snickers*

CSU tomorrow...

Exam in 13 days.


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