21 April 2009

Free morning


Today is one of the rare times that my mornings would be free. Woke up this morning and made


Banana milkshake:)

It was nice!! Got a big banana and sliced it and kept in the freezer last night. And all I had to do is to put them in the blender and add some low fat milk...

One word...

Satisfying. Plus, it was yummy, and had an energy boosting effect: Potassium!!

Then, I continued my report. And decided to make garlic bread: Had made garlic butter earlier and spread it on my whole wheat bread and then it goes into the oven...

Ahhh... nice...

This is what I do when I am free... Make food and eat eat eat.

I have always been a snacker... So to counter this problem, I chose to buy something over chocolate to snack on.

Ya, I got a long stick of celery to chew on while I did my report this morning. Healthy and makes me snack less (lols!).

That was morning time...


Now, I have to do my PBL on good oral and dietary habits. This system just had to deal with FOOD!!! Gastric motility definitely will increase...

ok.. back to my report... 600 more words to go...*celery?*

Will change the header soon because I suddenly changed the size of the wrapper. Probably will do that after I finish my report and PBL.

and.. Su Anne and Pei San discovered my blog... Ooops! Hi??



  1. you noe how they discovered? i think it was because of my bloglist update =p they saw u updating ur blog there ler hahahaha

  2. lol~ so you wanna take credit for it?? hehehe~ hi.. welcome to my 'new' blog...



  3. LOL yes boon i stalk your blog links HAHAHA smart ya :P... paige cheerup ya~~~~