26 April 2009

Been doing nothing lately


Woke up at 4pm today. This is BAD!

Did nothing these past few days. Except accompanying Chia Sin to go to Sunway yesterday and going to church...

On Friday, I went to find my dad for dinner. Alone again...asked Chia Sin but she went out with her other friends... Luckily I didn't have to go back alone... Phew... I'd be soooo scared!! Had crabs... But I think the crab wasn't cooked properly... Got allergic reaction:(

And on Thurs, I got elected as House Design/PR personnel. Did some designing of the logo just now.. I think it'll be the ugliest logo in IMU history... Sure lose to the pro ppl.. e.g. Jade.

I think I need to start studying... Because everyone are already hitting the books.. And while I am kinda anticipating Wolverine on Thurs...

How do you guys study???


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