17 July 2009

Visit Melaka, visit Malaysia.


I wish to dedicate this post to a friend of mine and her wonderful family. My host was kind to let me stay over. Su Anne was my tour guide and makan buddy.

Malacca, the historical city. The origin of Malaysia. And this was my first time here and now I feel a little more Malaysian.

This is Melaka.

The river.

It was named after pokok melaka, a tree Parameswara was resting under when he saw his hunting dog was attacked by a kancil.

Windmills were influence of VOC.

The Brits also made their mark here.

This church is still functional since...1753

Keris Taming Sari and Eye On Malaysia.

Ruins of St Paul's church.

This is what's left of the huge Famosa Fort.

This is the Chevy the first Prime Minister of Malaya sat when Malaya got its independence.

Some random ornaments on Jonker Street aka Jalan Hang Jebat.

Jonker Street at night.

Another attraction in Malacca is FOOD! The food there was just wonderful, very unique.

These are what I ate:

Prawn mee - The prawn mee is actually dry! It was a light meal to enjoy if you don't eat much.

Roti Bakar - Kaya and butter sandwiched between soft yet crusty Hainanese bread.

Ikan Pari Bakar
- Was told to be a Portuguese dish. With spices and ladies fingers, it is one food you won't wanna miss. The sotong bakar is superb too.

Oi chien - which I cannot eat as it has oysters in it (allergic to seafood...so I ate the eggs only)

Nonya laksa - the thick curry of the broth with it's special mix of spices makes you wanna go have another sinful bowl... over and over again

Paitee - Vegetables cooked and raw in small biscuit cups are just a tasty mouthful

Chicken rice balls - this is a hit in Melaka as it is unique. Chicken is served with rice shaped into balls.

Mihun Kuih/ Traditional Pan Mee - Simplicity is the key to finding the originality of what it was Photobucket

Cendol - Cendol (green jelly) with kidney beans topped with shaved ice with gula melaka and santan (coconut milk) makes it a great simple dessert that no one should ever miss when visiting Melaka. One recommended shop would be Jonker 88 on Jonker street.

Portuguese egg tart - Egg custard filling in a flaky crispy crust. Yum.

Satay celup - Food on sticks dipped into boiling peanut soup. An experience not to be missed.

It was a nice experience going around Malacca, in such detail. It was fun and I think I may go there to eat... Soon.


14 July 2009

Miri (Soon to be International) Airport


After years and years of talk, finally they have direct flights to Singapore from Miri. Yes!!!

Before this, we would either have to fly to Kuching International Airport (KIA) or Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) before being able to fly to Singapore OR fly to Senai Airport and get a cab down to Singapore.

First flights will begin operation on 9th Sept 2009. Refer to this

Hahaha.. Miri International Airport (MIA), will definitely open doors for travellers from overseas to come to see what Miri has to offer. MIA has been MIA for far too long.....


09 July 2009

Getting better


When I first got back to my hometown, there was no recorded cases of H1N1. But days later, the unthinkable happened. H1N1 is in Miri. Soon after a family of 5 got down with the flu. And it began to spread like wild fire. Maybe my flight was H1N1 infested (there were loads of people coughing like crazy)

And being in a cautious family, I was home quarantined for the past week (or more). It was to prevent INFECTION. Just in case I'm down with H1N1, I won't go around and spreading it to everyone, which I'm not sure whether I got it because I did not go and test. I just had home quarantine and treatment. I was also ISOLATED in my own home. To prevent intra-home infection so that my school going siblings, market going mum and my working dad don't get affected.

It was a struggle for a foodie like me... to lose the sense of olfaction, to actually taste GOOD food:( Everything tasted blander than plain water. Whenever my mum asked for my opinion for the taste I would say, "I can't smell"

It was a sad sad week. But with my nature of trying to get myself better ASAP spirit, I developed a skill, that is to enjoy food not with by smell but by sensation. Cool huh? I ate a lot of food despite having nose block the whole week. And my mum thought I was lying about being not able to smell. So sad...

Yay to getting better!! Lol~ I really thought that I might be down with Ah HeeNeee virus but I got through it. Really different cause I've not been down with flu for sooo long and wound up having all the symptoms pop up after my flight. Freaky! And the coughing... It was solely triggered by laughing. Serious. And I had wear a mask in my own home:(

Still having headache... and a little running nose but much better now.

Not going Cambodia for reasons that is really obvious. H1N1 though mild, it spreads really quickly. It can get to everyone but not everyone can make it alive. Depends whether one wants to take that risk. I'm just following dad's order cause I think he is more knowledgeable about this quadruple strain virus. 1 Bird 2 Pig and 1 Human. Plus if you read about the Spanish or Hong Kong flu, you'll understand more.

Just a simple stuff.. flu pandemics come in 2 waves. The mild one and then the lethal one... So be ready.


26 June 2009



Once again I am trapped in LCCT airport. Ah... when I stepped into the airport I can feel the H1N1 paranoia.. I could see people wearing face masks. It was quite an interesting sight to see. Well, it is a precautionary step, just to be on the safer side. I too wore a mask, that was conveniently available... as a dental student:)

Putting that aside, I am now here, with my plane recently (notified when I was at the counter) delayed for 1.5 hours. This meant that I skipped an hour of class quite for nothing.

Ahh... I remember the last time I was sitting at this airport, blogging. And then going up the plane and then an incident happened. That was just too memorable.. It's almost a year now but the images and sights and sounds are still vivid in my mind. What an experience. This time I'm a little prepared:) Anything can happen right?

Yea. And this brings me to the topic of... the death of the King of Pop. MJ. He was the man who sang for the children of the world. Was accused of child sexual molestation. Was famous for his musical hits like Beat it, Thriller, Billie Jean... and so much more. He was goiing to start his world tour. He was also famed for being the black one who turned white. He is one legendary artiste known for his dance moves especially the moonwalk. He was also known as the one who has a nose who has a life on its own (sometimes fat, sometimes skinny, sometimes gone). He was known for trying to live longer by using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. He was known to go to court in fancy outfits or PJs. He was known as Wacko Jacko. But through his 50 years of life, I don't think he lived a fulfilled life. Not even when he's earned so much. It's so sad he left his very young children behind. Life's unexpecting. Live life to your fullest. Be happy:)

Lame post. Let's hope I have a safe trip home:) Melaka post next.


30 May 2009

I want to graduate!


This was what I've been saying all day today when I was helping out in IMU. Just got back. Time = 1.23pm

I volunteered to help out in the IMU's convocation which was held for the very first time in IMU. Woke at 4 something this morning, bathed and made up and prepared to go to IMU.

Reached IMU before sunrise and signed in for work. Pinned a crosage on my shirt and we had breakfast provided in Cengkih Corner (staff lounge). But it's just nasi lemak, by Sheraton Subang. Many of the staff were there. Early on a Saturday morning.

Then, it was time for work. I was stationed at level 3 to direct the crowd to level 4 as the ceremony is held in the Auditorium. I stood near the library near the staircase to Chancellor Hall. Job description? Ushering. Standing on 4 inch heels and put on a permanent smile and greet. And show them the way. For one and a half hour. Then continue work when they finish. To direct them back again.

It's not bad, because I get to practise smiling:D

And, I get to see people dressed up like Harry Potter in a quidditch game. Robes.. haha... I saw many friends and families of the graduands coming, and it was such an honourable event in one's life.

What did I do in between? I went to the Oral Healthcare Centre booth and helped out folding the brochures and distributing. And chatted:) with Kak Kat and Stephanie.

I can't wait for mine. I want flowers. Lots of them. I want to carry lilies, roses, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, orchids... I want teddy bears too! It's just so great to see people graduating and tossing their hats in the air. I want pictures. I want to graduate.

It's just another year before we end phase one. And Prof Toh says that our robes will be lined with orange. For Dentistry!

Time flies. I wonder if I can wear that robe, get the scroll and toss the hat next year.


28 May 2009

MVA is bad. Don't watch.


Monsters Vs Aliens was just released today and we chose that over Terminator Salvation because Terminator was sold out (except for the front seats).

And one word, bad. Or what Peisan says, below umum umum. First few minutes of the movie was rather disappointing and sitting through the movie was torture.

My advice would be not to watch it. But if you want to know how it's like, go ahead. You have been warned.


23 May 2009

Live long and prosper


Medical Summatives ended yesterday but I didn't have the mood to celebrate. Didn't do well, but life goes on.

After getting back from IMU, I went to my laptop and started working on another blog. I'm in charge of Design & PR for my house, Pegasus. So once exam's over, it's work time. I'm more enthusiastic in doing this (compared to studying)as I did it till 3am without food. Then slept and woke at 6am to continue, then got dimsum breakfast with Amos Josh and Psan.

Then got back to continue and then go MidValley. Watched Star Trek.

Heard that the movie was good. Papers gave it high ratings (8 or 9 of 10).

So basically I expected it to be good. And the movie, just blew me away. Cause it exceeded my expectations. Story was good, acting was good, graphics was good. Good! I would recommend this movie. No spoilers here tho' cos you must enjoy the movie:) If you think Xmen origins is good, this is waaaaaaay better;)

But you'll be numbed at certain areas due to prolonged "buttock-chair contact". Do remember to move your toes and legs time to time to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

After movie, went back then continued work and finally is done!!! And that's just the blog part. I don't know how I'm going to do for the banner/logo part.

See the imupegasusblog. I've learnt some new things:) Not that great but quite impressive in one day.

Would like to rest and FB now. Tired.